Salisbury Symphony Announces Partnership with East Spencer For Pilot Community Music Education Program

Today the Salisbury Symphony is delighted to announce that it will be the Town of East Spencer’s first Arts Partner. The partnership will focus on music engagement with the East Spencer community beginning with a 12-week pilot program of learning how to play the violin. This program will be made available to the entire East Spencer community, from ages eight and above, and will take place at 1909 East, East Spencer’s newly acquired facility (the former Salisbury Education Administrative building located at 110 S Long St), once a week starting week commencing September 25th. Dr. Lynn Bowes, the Symphony’s Education Director, will oversee the program.

For more information or to sign-up for the program, please email: Space for the program is limited.

Music education is a key component of the Salisbury Symphony’s mission and as such the organization will be expanding their music education program to reach out to communities and individuals who might not otherwise be exposed to orchestral music. Music programs like this provide a supportive environment that promote acceptance and creativity, and involvement in music education programs provide positive personal, social, and motivational effects in anyone’s life.

Mayor of East Spencer, Barbara Mallet, says: “The Town of East Spencer is very excited to form partnerships, especially ones that addresses our children. The community space in our newly acquired building now known as 1909 East, is ready for this. What a blessing to have the Salisbury Symphony come to us to offer this unique opportunity to our children and adults. This is more than I could imagine, Praise God!”

Salisbury Symphony’s Education Director, Dr. Lynn Bowes, says: “Music speaks to so many people and breaks down boundaries we put on ourselves. Learning an instrument, at any age, is fundamentally enriching to a person’s life. I am proud and excited for this opportunity provided by this partnership for the community of East Spencer.

Salisbury Symphony’s Executive Director, James Dane Harvey, says: “It is an honor to be chosen as East Spencer’s first Arts Partner and we are delighted to be working with Mayor Mallet and her team to bring music to the residents of East Spencer. Developing engagement with orchestral music is vital for the future of our organization. We hope to be able to continue this program into 2018, so would love to hear from potential sponsors.”

Upon the building’s purchase earlier this year, East Spencer had earmarked the auditorium to be used as a community arts center. This is part of the town’s new initiative to produce special programs aimed to enrich its community. Additional Arts Partners will be announced in due course.

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