(Donors within each category listed alphabetically)

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CONDUCTOR’S CIRCLE: $10,000 and Above

Charles and Rachel Bernheim

Frank Montgomery

Fred and Alice Stanback



Bill and Shari Graham

The Blanche and Julian Robertson


Nancy Stanback

Tom and Martha Smith


BENEFACTOR: $2,500-$4,999

Wink and Christy Cline

Jerry Cochran and Tim Gudger

Sue Davis

Sarah Kellogg

Alice and Burl Brady

Bill and Susan Kluttz

Livingstone College

The Family of Frances McGill


SUSTAINER: $1,000-$2,499


Greg and Missie Alcorn

William and Gayla Bucher

Henry Buck

John and Anne Cave

Catawba College

Patrick Fahey

Paul and Sue Fisher

David Hagy

Geraldine Hurley

Gordon and Carolyn Hurley

Dwight and Deborah Messinger

Bud and Betty Mickle

Jim and Barbara Norman

Edward and Susan Norvell

Owen and Elizabeth Norvell

David Post

John and Pam Schaffer

Richard and Jean Travis

Wallace and Graham, P.A.

Carolyn Waters

Betty Wilson

PATRON: $500-$999

John and Cris Brincefield

First United Church of Christ

Bob and Sara Cook

Mary Frances Edens

Fand M Bank

Kathleen Hill

Glenn Ketner

Milton and Toni Iossi

James and Teresa Johnson

Brien and Laura Lewis

Jesse and Kay McCartney

James and Barbara Norman

Bob and Stephanie Potter

Wayne and Barbara Saleeby

Frank and Beth Shafer

Bethany Sinnott

Harrison and Martha Smith

Robert Steele

Rowan Bar Association

Jean Wurster and James Taylor
Tommy and Trudy Thompson

Brad and Traci Williams


SUPPORTER: $250-$499

Karen Alexander

Judy Booth (in memory of Clifford S. Crocker)

Betty Brown

Thomas and Joyce Caddell

Fidelity Charitable

Larry and Pamela Cordts

Donald and Bethany Fortner

Claudia Galup

Mary Hartrick

Lyndia Heward

Geoffrey Hoy

Steven Cobb and Jennifer Hubbard

Katherene Kruckel

John and Rosalie Laughlin

Al and Babe Nobles

George and Rebecca Orndorff

Florence Peck

Dr. Carla and Eric Pence

Ronald and Diana Potts

Patsy Reynolds

Hap and Annette Roberts

Mel and Jane Shumate

Russ and Kathy Stevens

Jane Watson

MEMBER: $100-$249

Arlette Ballew

Barbara Beaver

Penn and Emily Blanton

Edward Brown

Harold and Rachel Buchanan

Summie and Debbie Carter

Joyce Cavanagh-Wood

Thomas and Judy Childress

Tripp and Catherine Murdoch Clement

Juliet Connery

Diversified Graphics, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. Larry Gish

Marcia Hunter

Linda Jones and Buddy Farnan

Jane Hubbard

William and Doris Hillegass

John Hudson

Nash and Valinda Isenhour

Bess Johnson

Louis and Judy Kandl

Elizabeth Kaufmann

Tanja Kishev

Frank Labagnara and David Garling

Laughlin Companies INC.

William Lewis

Betty Little

Robert and Jodie Lohmeyer

David and Mandi Lusk

Ed and Peggy Lutz

Hoyt and Minnie McCachren

Jean McCoy

Mean Mug Coffee Co.

Jean Owen

Carl and Mary Repsher

Mark and Jane Ritchie

James and Wendy Safrit

Jo Ann Shaw

Missy Shives

Clay and Martha Smith

Margaret Stridick

Bill and Paula Troxler

A.A. Vance

Martha West

Dawn Williamson

Gary and Patricia Wood

Mary Lu Yavenditti